Drive Types for Self Tapping Screws

Schematic Drive Type Uses
Phillips Most recommended drive type. Provides good control in driving. Always ud a driver bit of the proper size which is in good condition.
Slotted Accepts standard blade screwdriver. Requires less downward pressure to drive parts than those with recessed openings. Use proper fitting blade to minimize slippage.
(Slotted & Phillips)
Accepts phillips and standard blade screwdrivers. Often used when fastener is expected to be driven and backed out several times.
Hex / Slotted-Hex Accepts hex wrench. Slotted drive is added to make it easier to remove the fastener.
Torx® Positive-engaging, fast-locating method which transmits drive torque with less required downward pressure. Good fastening appearance.
Square Increases productivity with excellent torque transmission and resists can-out. Distinctive appearance which discourages tinkering.
Pozidrive® - Alternative
(Type 1A)
This design offers greater control in driving than Phillips drive. Quite common in appliance and automotive manufacturing.

See also Self Tapping Head Styles

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