Red Head® Redi-Drive® Anchors

Anchor Installation Steps

Specified for anchorage into concrete, masonry, grout-filled block and hollow block. For more information about Red Head® products go to the Red Head® website at:

Redi-Drive® Installation

Drill 3/16" diameter hole (1/4# for 3/8# pipe drive) to a minimum depth and clean hole. Please wear eye protection.
Insert anchor through material to be fastened and drive anchor with a 3-lb. hammer until the head is flush with surface or desired embedment.
The Redi-Drive® anchor is set.

Redi-Tie-Drive Installation

Drill 3/16" hole in concrete
Hammer in flat side of Redi-Drive® 1-1/4"
The Redi-Drive® is set. Tie acoustical or electrical drop wire to open hole in anchor.

Redi-Pipe-Drive Installation

Drill 3/16" hole in concrete for 1/4+ anchor. (1/4" diameter for 3/8" anchor)
Hammer in coupler end of anchor 1-1/4" for 1/4" anchor and 1-3/4" for 3/8" anchor.
The redi-Drive® is set. Run 1/4" or 3/8" threaded rod or bolt into anchor.

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