Dynabolt Gold® Heavy Duty Sleeve Type Anchor

No longer available. Consider the Large Diameter Tapcon (LDT)
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Specified for anchorage into concrete, masonry, grout-filled block and hollow block

The Dynabolt Gold® anchor is a heavy duty sleeve anchor that can be used to anchor fixtures to concrete, concrete block, or brick. The anchor consists of a hex head bolt, a spacer sleeve, specifically designed expansion sleeve, and an expansion cone. Carbon steel anchors feature a Grade 5 hex head bolt and a special organic clear cote over zinc plating for added corrosion protection (250 hours, neutral salt spray, ASTM B117). Stainless Steel anchors are available in Type 316 Stainless Steel.


  • Carbon Steel anchors feature a Grade 5 bolt for maximum strength
  • Carbon Steel anchors feature a special organic clear coat that achieves 250 hours, neutral salt spray test.
  • Stainless Steel anchors available in 316 SS as a standard product.
  • Finished head anchors, bolt can be easily removed.


Picture of The Red Head Dynabolt Gold® in action Picture of The Red Head Dynabolt Gold in action Picture of The Red Head Dynabolt Gold in action
Dynabolt Gold® is ideal for attaching lumber to concrete, concrete block, or brick. Dynabolt Gold® offers excellent holding strength for attaching steel ledgers. Dynabolt Gold® has a finished head and tremendous performance in grouted block or solid concrete for a clean, safe stair rail installation.

Images of the Red head Dynabolt Gold Pulling down
Upon tightening, the Dynabolt Gold® pulls down and shortens in length. This dynamic action creates tremendous holding power while at the same time pulling down uneven base plates.

Chart of Dynabolt Gold® pull downs The chart shows how much each anchor shortens or pulls down when the anchors
are torqued. The vertical axis is the distance in inches.

Dynabolt Gold® Performance Tables

Installation Instructions

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